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Tension 12"


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This is where you... waste your lives losing time digging deep to find out that in the end there was nothing there this is when you... open eyes and realize that the truth you can't dispel is that my heaven is your hell
Tension 00:45
There's some tension in my head my life is hanging by a thread you just want me to feel stressed cause you put me to the test you want to show that i've wasted my time but let's put it straight– it's you who's fucked it up cause you forgot how to live your life that's why you are trying to get some of mine there's some tension in your head telling you this life won't wait you'll never know that it's too late you'll never get a helping hand...
The longer I listen the more I tend to love the shit you say about me cause it's not the shit that you're made of and i guess that i can understand the reasons for your hate i guess i'd also hate myself if i were you, let's put it straight: your hatred makes me feel so fine cause there's nothing i want more than to insult your bigoted mind be the contrast to the things you stand for if you want to talk i guess i'll be for throwing bricks but if you want to declare a war i think that i can opt for peace they say it leads to nowhere what's worse i think they're right but i can't refrain from getting pleasure out of being the reason of your sleepless nights...
I guess that we are fuckin' losing touch it's going on before our very eyes all the lies they use to feed us with the perfect soundtrack for world's demise REDEFINED REDESIGNED You'll see it's going to work for you... Just get the essence of the change... And what you fuckin' think right now Will be worth shit in the end! REDEFINED REDESIGNED Call in guards, get some weapons so we know who's the boss don't give a shit about the bodycount just give us safety at any fuckin' cost... ...and I guess I've never felt before such an urge to set things straight... I'm fuckin' terrified right now cause someone wants me to feel safe...
There's no pity, no remorse No excuses, noone's fault if you want to stay on surface, put this guilt trip to a halt One love One life Long days Short nights love it/leave it, go for broke get the most burn the bridge! Cut this shit off, leave it behind stand face to face with your life anoter battle for you to fight it's like a neverending strife! One love One life Long days Short nights
Crime Scenes 01:04
This world has got to fuckin' end to make a good place for all of us the place in which you can feel safe in which the absurd won't be „a must” too many crime scenes in your fuckin' dreams too many new dreams because of crime scenes the feeling that it should be torn apart is stronger that the will to change it you can't save something that is rotting out so let it die and let's start this over too many crime scenes in your fuckin' dreams too many new dreams because of crime scenes
Iron Locks 01:04
Build a gate Lock it up swallow key turn the lights off go to bed, close your eyes face it! But make it quick! This world won't wait to kiss your lips! Go to bed, close your eyes wait till the day comes...
Nails 00:58
you say that there's a light that every tunnel has its end that the day comes after night and everything can be fixed you say that we must hope the best believe some shit about the fate that life may turn better to us we just have to keep the faith Look at your fingers and nails... ...why the walls round you are fuckin' scratched and your nails bitten and fingers covered with the colours of your walls' paint...
On the Mend 01:36
They say you're a threat so they put you away they poison your blood, there's more meds on the way they damage your head so you can't think straight they take your belongings so you won't hurt yourself LOCKED OUT/ ON THE MEND GETTING BETTER IN A FENCED PEN LOCKED OUT/ ON THE MEND YOUR LIFE IS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN Down the drain! There's no way out, it's a critical point the better you feel, the more they want to lock you away, without your volition as long as you can speak, you are to their disposition LOCKED OUT/ ON THE MEND GETTING BETTER IN A FENCED PEN LOCKED OUT/ ON THE MEND YOUR LIFE IS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN You're fuckin' locked out... As long as you think clear you are no use to them... YOU'RE ON THE MEND – DOWN THE DRAIN YOU'RE ON THE MEND – DOWN THE DRAIN Compulsory trip down the drain!
So how should i put it to make you understand you never get the message when i yell this in your fuckin' face we only live once, there's no life after death so why should i waste it dealing with your fuckin' case Misplaced anger! that's more or less the way you wanted things to be you tried to divide and i guess that you succeed you've got your shitty little space where no one gets in you wanted to be above but now you are in a really deep shit
Empty Rooms 00:51
empty words, broken teeth broken bottles, private grief fashion victim, vintage shit, full-time job is losing streak love thy neighbour, kill kill kill see you later, yeah, but still kill yourself, look inside wearing black, the time of my life skulls and bones, skulls and knives love, truth, friendship 'till i die, crimson sky, fight fight fight, full of shit, second sight You can scream your fuckin' lungs out you may be the one to say „no more” but in empty room like this one it will always bounce off the wall
There's nothing there except the 'stage fright' you're missing the lines in what we call real life You keep staring up and you still believe that all of a sudden you'll get out of misery but... NOBODY'S WAITING and NOBODY CARES What makes you special among those who act as you you'd better get your shit together it's high time you faced the truth see... NOBODY'S WAITING and NOBODY CARES They teach you 'patience' they don't want you to give up there'd be no sense in waiting if you suddenly found out... that NOBODY'S WAITING and NOBODY CARES It helps you deal with the world But there's never alternative it gives you illusions it makes you so fuckin' naive but... NOBODY'S WAITING and NOBODY CARES about you...


Refuse Records


released April 12, 2014

recorded and mixed by Grzesiek aka Mad Greg and Marcin / Lazy Sounday Studio / Warsaw, January 2014
Drums recorded by Mad Greg at CSW / Warsaw, January 2014
Mastered by Smok and Activator / Studio As One / Warsaw, February 2014


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